Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Oh Paris..

To Travel. Well this is kind of a big statement don't you think? Maybe not for everyone. But for a delincuent broke little girl like myself it can seem like a pretty far stretched dream. This is a shot of Paris. I can't tell you where in Paris or who took it, but I can tell you that one day I will see this shot for myself. Is it really such a large dream to just plainly want to see something? 

I guess dreams are an age thing. When you are 5 people ask you what you dream to be when you grow up.  They ask you at 8, at 10, at 15 and so on and so forth. At what age does reality hit us to think that we can't? Why do I think I can't? Why am I too afraid to try? It's not even a psychological problem. It's a social problem. I am, right now, 19 years old and a lot of people would say that my life is just starting. But others would say I am waisting away my time with not being at school or doing something else of equal importance. 

I have a dream. Though to be honest I'm too afraid to even share it. It's a silly dream for a little girl. But in reality, am I not just a little girl? People say you can do anything if you put your mind to it and to be honest they are probably right! It's the back and forth of feelings on a touchy subject that holds us back. Yes you can, no you can't. But what if I can? Can i?

I guess only time will tell.

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  1. paris, why not? life is funny, i moved to another content.