Saturday, 15 October 2011

Portfolio Free

So I have conjured up a portfolio in the last 10 hours to last minute apply to school. I have no idea if it will work or not but most of these are old pieces of art that I was able to track down. Tell me what you think!

This is a photo I took when I was in Victoria, BC. I know its not very amazing and to be honest I only took it with my iPhone but I still like it so its in the package regardless.

This picture is from a photoshoot I did with my friend a few years ago. We used eyelash glue to glue petals to the top of her lids and explore the affects we could make with the shadows. This one was a fun one to do.

Again this one was taken with my iPhone and yes I understand that the quality of the picture is not good but the point of the picture is to show my personal style so I hope you still like it.

This picture is from a photoshoot I did with the dance girls in my school for their studio. It was fun to capture the motion.

If you have been one of my faithful followers you would know that this picture was drawn from a reference picture that I have actually already posted! I just loved the picture so much that I decided maybe I would try to duplicate it. Yes yes I know.. Your not supposed copy pictures. My bad. But I swear with scouts honour that I told them in the bio of this picture that it was copied!

This picture was also copied. Though I drew this one probably 5 years ago.

This picture however is incomplete. I was making this one up in my head as I was drawing it and I guess I never finished it. Regardless thats what i meant when i said I had scrounged up all of these photo's in the last 10 hours. Maybe I will finish it before I hand in the portfolio on Monday.

Haha oh you are going to know me too good after this... I also didn't finish this one! And it was only written in my little Moleskin notebook that I got from Chapters. As you can see there is actually writing on the opposite side. It happens to be in my nature to not finish things. Unfortunately...

I did this painting not to long ago as an experiment using hardening gel. Not my best work but thats what you get for experiments..

And this one! I hate this picture. It looks so amateur in my opinion. I did this picture seriously like 7 or 8 years ago and actually had people wanting to buy it which is the only reason it is in this collection! I have gotten a lot of reviews on it as well and it seems I am outnumbered so here it is.

I do however, like this one. I did this piece using oil paints and it was actually the first time I had used oil paint and surprisingly! I finger painted this picture! It was fun because i actually got my mother( who is secretly super hot) to pose naked for me so that I could do it haha.

I made this aerodynamic chair in Grade 7. The fact that I produced it still to this day shocks me.

This is a skirt I made for a year end fashion show at school. The picture really doesn't do the skirt justice but I actually threw the skirt out( also a habit ) so it is the only one I have.

And do you remember a while back when I showed pictures of my midnight sewing? Yup well that charade lasted throughout the next day and i have this picture to show you the outcome of my work! I take full credit for designing, drafting, and sewing this garment, tailored to me.

And lastly. This was a sweater I made in grade 10. To be honest when I did it I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. And what you can't see is the there are actually bottle caps sewn on the front that have little pictures in them! that was one of the more genius parts of this idea. And there you have it! The only work I could find in the last day to put in my portfolio.

Oh I lied. I also submitted a completely amateur video I made in high school with my friend Emily and you can watch it here!

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