Friday, 30 September 2011

Dream House Designs

These are a few pictures that have little hints of what I imagine my dream house to be. Totally beautiful!! Lots of glass and white with a classical feel that resonates around the modernness of the house. Anyways I guess you can have a look for yourself. These are some pictures that I have collected.

Loveee the lounge bed in the middle on this next one...

Viva La Vida meets Love Story

Hi there! So I am updating and editing my brothers IPod for him because he is on a mission and I am going to send it to him there in Florida. While adding songs I kept rediscovering old tunes and just good uplifting songs and stumbled across this song by Jon Schmidt which I love. It makes me want to cry when I watch it! Just this totally overwhelming of emotion that makes you so happy. I thought I would share to give you guys a feel. :D Enjoy!!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Beauties To Start

I have this thing for collecting pictures that I just genuinely like and storing them in the desktop of my computer. Don't ask me what these pictures have in common or why I like them, I just do. I guess I have been sort of obsessed with orange and relating colors recently but these pictures are so much more than just color. It's when you see a picture and your lips slowly just curve up on the corners and you grab it to drag to your background before A. you forget or B. it magically disappears off the screen. So here is some candy for eyes if you feel like getting a smile out of it.