Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My Midnight Mess

I like to call it Midnight Inspiration. It's that moment in the middle of the night when you suddenly have a great idea and for some unfortunate reason you are already in bed. This is a regular occurrence for me. I used to have ideas for lyrics and songs right in the middle of the night but clearly would have no way to expand upon my imagination as it would be 2 or 3 in the morning. Happened quite often when I was younger and I would right down the lyrics to such a song but in the morning not be able to remember the tune! Lucky for me technology has caught up with me and in such a situation these days I would just pull out my handy IPhone4 and use the recording device to quietly capture the creative moment.
Well.. I guess you could say I have gotten older and as such happens your talents tend to expand and so does your creativity. If you didn't know, I recently attended school for Fashion Design and Marketing and learned a few things while I was there about constructing garments. Now as a good old college drop out I can't say I really gained all the necessary knowledge I would need to really create an amazing article of clothing but, I consider it enough to still fuel these Midnight Inspirations. So here it is, the start of a long night.

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