Sunday, 9 October 2011


Do you ever just want to feel better? Plain and simple I just feel like being happy? And yes we could go back to the days when my mother would say, "You can choose to be happy," but it really isn't the same sometimes. So then you proceed to play music that suits the mood you are in. But no you don't just go straight to the happy stuff because you already know you are not happy. So then you choose something that is semi happy. Perhaps its just a song that you like that holds no real emotion in it or something that you can mindlessly bob your head to. Mmm. No still not happy yet. But of course this frustrated behaviour lasts a little bit longer. You sit there and soak up the fact that you are not happy which naturally makes you more unhappy. Misery loves company doesn't it? Ah yes and that is the time when you switch the music to something that you consider to be really good because of the lyrics or the mood of the song. But you know for a fact that it is a song that will just plainly make you more emotional. Yup.. Soak it up Miss Unhappy. Its almost a bitter behaviour. Your not even just unhappy anymore. Your frustrated. And your frustrated with everything! Unhappy thoughts.. Unhappy thoughts.. Unhappy thoughts. Great. I don't even feel like being happy anymore. I just want to be unhappy. Misery loves company doesn't it? I told you.. Who ever said that was a genius.
Well your probably unhappy just from reading this now. And you know what? This unhappy behaviour will probably last the rest of the night. If it was morning it would be a different scenario but its not. So I guess I will just remain unhappy until something, like a picture, song, random thought of inspiration, happy recollection, someone in a sympathetic mood, or sleep will vanquish it.
In my newly found sympathetic mood of now causing my readers to be unhappy I think I will post of a few pictures for easy looking and simplicity. Don't worry. You'll be happy in the morning. It always works out that way.

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