Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Complete Without Knowledge

I'm feeling the most random styles these days. It's like I have lost my hold on fashion. Which makes sense.. I haven't bought a piece of clothing for myself in like 5 months but still. Yes, I know people can have a lot of different styles that they love and I usually do but my mind is just confused! I have to keep posting random pictures that I like and I can't even tell what I like about them anymore. I have a whole jumble here that I have been saving up to share so I sure hope you enjoy them. 

 Ok. I slightly lied. I completely understand why I like this picture. It sums up the whole essence of a romantic classic in the form of a room. Reminds me of those old love stories you like to read about. Not that it is 100% old school, but because it makes me want to talk with an English accent and sport a huge gown.

And yes. I love bold black, whites and neutrals.

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